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Get Online Get Online


The computers in our libraries can be booked in advance or booked on the day in the library, providing that there is a computer available. To book a computer in advance please click here - please note that you will need to have your library card number and PIN available.

Using our PCs

Use of computers is free in all Waltham Forest libraries:

A valid library card from Waltham Forest, or any of our London Library Consortium partners, is required to use a computer terminal in a Waltham Forest library. To join the library free of charge, visit your local library with one proof of name and address or complete the online application form.

  • Free Internet access at all our libraries opening a gateway to the world of online information at even our smallest branch
  • Computer hire is available at all our libraries giving you access to Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint
  • Libraries operate a booking system and computers may be booked by the hour. Contact your local library for available time slots
  • Waltham Forest Libraries offer, free of charge, a range of the very best online reference resources that can be accessed over the internet. Our the Information page we have a range on online resources which include remote access to subscription online databases in our libraries and from home (except the Family History online resources, Ancestry Library Edition and Find My Past, which can only be accessed from within our libraries).


WiFi WiFi

Free WiFi hotspots at the library

Free wireless hotspots are a fast, reliable wireless broadband connection to the internet is available for everyone to use throughout the library. All you need to use the service is a laptop, PDA or mobile phone with built in WLAN capability or an added WiFi card.

WiFi is available at all of our libraries

How do I use the WiFi access at the library?

Step 1: What you need

You will need a laptop, PDA or mobile phone with built in WLAN capability such as Intel Centrino or an added WiFi card. We support Windows, Macintosh and other operating systems.

Step 2: Get connected

Connect to the library SSID for the library you are visiting in your wireless list.

Step 3: Register

You will be redirected to the Registration screen.  Enter your details and select Register.  You will have 10 minutes free grace period to receive your confirmation email and respond.

Step 4: Register

Once you have received your email, select the link in the email which will direct you to the login page.

Enter your login details

Step 5: Account Created 

Success! You are now logged on and have internet access for 1 hour, when that hour is up, you will be asked to login in again.

The next time you visit a Waltham Forest Library you can login from the main page, using your details.


Please ask a member of library staff if you require information regarding WiFi access or download




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