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Tower Hamlets

Search Tips

Search tips

The Catalogue uses a process called 'single borough searching', in that the primary search results given are for items in stock in Tower Hamlets. To widen your search click on Display all results from partner London Boroughs matching this search  which appears at the top of the search results page.
Simple search:

1.    In the search box, type what you want to find. For example, if you are searching for Harry Potter, type harry potter. It does not matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters.
2.    To search for an author, type lastname, firstname. For example, dickens, charles
3.    You may specify an author or title in your search by using the special author: and title: keywords proceeding your search, for example, author:ramsbottom
4.    To search for a phrase, enclose the phrase inside quotation marks.
5.    To combine search terms, use AND, OR, NOT. For example, fish AND cooking
6.    Click Search.

Advanced search:

You may search for catalogue items by providing a range of details about what you want to find. For example, you may want to restrict your search to items published in a specific year, or written in a specific language.

1.    Click Advanced Search.  
2.    Use the advanced search filters and search criteria to define your search and filter your search results.
3.    Search Filters - to find an item in your local Idea Store library, you can restrict your search with the filters 'Authority', e.g. Tower Hamlets, 'Branch', e.g. Idea Store Bow.
4.    Search Filters - to choose the format of the item, e.g. paperback, make your selection from the 'Select media type' drop-down menu.
5.    Search Filters - to choose a particular language, e.g. French, make your selection from the 'Select language' drop-down menu.
6.    Search Filters - Category, select either 'Fiction' or 'Non fiction'.  
7.    You may only choose one item in each filter. For example, you may only choose one language in the language filter.
8.    Search Criteria - Keyword, Title, Author, Subject and Publication Year
9.    You may only use one Search Criteria at a time in a search.
10.    Click Search.  

Search results:

Search results are displayed in a list. If more than one page of results are found, then these may be viewed by navigating through each page.

1.    The number of hits found, appear under the heading 'Search results'.
2.    You can refine your search using the headings in the 'Refine your search' menu. This filters out unwanted search results. For example, you may be interested only in items at a specific library branch, or certain publication year. The number in brackets beside each item indicates the number of items which correspond to it.

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