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Wallington Library Project

Wallington library refurb header

Wallington Library reopened Tuesday on 7th August 2018.

As part of this refurbishment, London Borough of Sutton have developed a new office space on the 1st floor. This office will be used for a new Health and Social Care integrated team that will be working together to support Wallington residents. This is a joint initiative between London Borough of Sutton Adult Social Services and Sutton NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. 

To enable the space for the new office area, work has also taken place to develop a new Library staff office on the first floor.
The Mallinson room has become a joint meeting room and study space with a refreshment point for those who are hiring the room to make their own tea and coffee, and new tables and chairs that matched the previous decor, will not be changed. Tables and chairs will provide extra study spaces when required and non fiction books will remain on the top floor.

View the original plans for the refurbishment here.

Children's Library
The Health and Social Care Integrated team will move into the new office area following completion of the work.




Updated 26.06.18.

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