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Wallington FAQs


Wallington Library Project Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



1. How long will the library be closed for?


6 weeks


2. Can I return my books to the library while it is closed for refurbishment?


Yes. You can also return your library books to any other library in Sutton.


3. I normally use the study space on the first floor, where will I be able to study while the library is closed?


People looking to study can visit one of the library branches for studying.


4. Will books still be available on the first floor after the building work is completed?


Non fiction books will remain on the top floor. The library service to the public will not be affected.


5. It looks like the space where I used to study is to become a ‘New library staff office area’ - where can I study after the floor reopens?


The Mallinson room will become a joint meeting room and study space with a refreshment point for hirers to make their own tea and coffee. Tables and chairs will provide extra study spaces when required.


6. Will the Mallinson room be available for public study use when it is not being used for conferences?


Yes see 5 above


7. Are you going to keep the books in the Mallinson room as decor?


The existing decor will not be changed


8. What percentage of space will be left as a library once adult services are in there?


Apart from the small area for library staff there will be no change to public space in the building.


9. How noisy will it be during the building work?

Noise will be kept to a minimum. The works are not major building works but there will inevitably be some noise.


10. Will the Cafe be open while the library is closed?


Yes - the cafe will remain open.


11. What improvements are being made to the Children's Library? 


The Children's Library is being refreshed with newly paint walls and new carpet. The location stays the same and the book stock will not be affected.



updated 18th June 2018
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