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School Sessions

School Sessions School Sessions

A chance for students to discover and explore local history with two of our historical buildings, Honeywood Museum and Whitehall Historic House.

We offer hands-on learning sessions for schools to help students learn about their local historic area, as part of the national curriculum.

To find out more about our sessions at historic houses select our links below. You can find Downloadable resources to help your school group here.

KS1 at Honeywood Museum
Change Through Time session

KS2 at Honeywood Museum
Change Through Time Victorian session


KS2 Classroom visit (with Whitehall Historic House)
Tudor Everyday Life session

Loan Boxes
Loan boxes are available free of charge. Schools are responsible for collecting and returning loan boxes.

Change through time toys
Perfect for KS1
Help your group understand what ‘past’ might mean when comparing their own modern toys with these historic toys in your loan box.
The contents of this box are playable/handleable items such as Hoopla, cup and bull, jacob's ladder and more.  
We have included include 2 museum artefacts: A box of handmade toy sheep from the 1800’s and a ‘build it’ game from the 1950’s. The museum items are not to be played with but are handleable.

If you would like to make a enquiry please email us at 

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