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Hired : six months undercover in low-wage Britain / James Bloodworth
Author: Bloodworth, James
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Classification: 331.2109
ISBN: 9781786490148
We all define ourselves by our profession - at least to some extent. But what if our job was demeaning, poorly paid, and tedious? Cracking open Britain's divisions - immigrant/British, North/South, urban/rural, working class/middle class, leave/remain - journalist James Bloodworth spends six months living and working across Britain, taking on the country's worst jobs. He lives on the meagre proceeds and discovers the anxieties and hopes of those he encounters, including working-class British, young students striving to make ends meet, and Eastern European immigrants.
Wages, Great Britain
Income, Great Britain
Occupations, Great Britain
IND, Industry, ukslc
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London : Atlantic Books, 2018


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