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A field guide to the English clergy : a compendium of diverse eccentrics, pirates, prelates and adventurers : all Anglican, some even practising / Fergus Butler-Gallie, MA (Oxon), BA (Cantab), Clerk in Holy Orders
Author: Butler-Gallie, Fergus
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Classification: 283.0922
ISBN: 9781786074416
Judge not, lest ye be judged. This timeless wisdom has guided the Anglican Church for hundreds of years, fostering a certain tolerance of eccentricity among its members. Good thing, too. The 'Mermaid of Morwenstow' excommunicated a cat for mousing on a Sunday. When he was late for a service, Bishop Lancelot Fleming commandeered a Navy helicopter. 'Mad Jack' swapped his surplice for a leopard skin and insisted on being carried around in a coffin. And then there was the man who, like Noah's evil twin, tried to eat one of each of God's creatures. In spite of all this they saw the church as their true calling. After all, who cares if you're wearing red high heels when there are souls to be saved?
Church of England
Clergy, England, Biography
Clergy, England, History
BIO, Biography, ukslc
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London : Oneworld, 2018


Wonderful light-hearted look at eccentric clergy over last 3-4 centuries with witty asides.Can we expect a sequel?
West Sussex
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