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Sailors on the rocks / Peter C. Smith
Author: Smith, Peter C., 1940-
Publication year: 2015
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Classification: 910.452
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781783400621
For 300 years or more the Royal Navy really did 'Rule the Waves', in the sense that during the numerous wars with our overseas enemies, British fleets and individual ships more often than not emerged victorious from combat. One French Admiral was to generously acknowledge that the Royal Navy possessed, 'a tradition of victory.' And yet, in every other way, the waves were never ruled by any maritime power. Great fleets might wax and wane, ships grow ever more complex and powerful, but the sea, the eternally cruel sea, was always to have the final say. This book highlights a sample array of disasters, occurring when men-of-war faced the ultimate test of the elements and lost. Among such tragedies are the wrecking of the Coronation in 1691, the destruction of the Winchester in 1695 and the great storm of 1703, along with a host of shipwrecks on far-flung shores from New Zealand to Nova Scotia.
Great Britain, Royal Navy
Shipwrecks, History
GEO, Geography, ukslc
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Barnsley : Pen & Sword Naval, 2015


An interesting and on the whole enjoyable book. However, the author unnecessarily insists on treating the reader to his somewhat jaundiced views of 21st century values with everything from health and safety (inevitably) and feminism (bizarrely) getting a mention.
West Sussex
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