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Reading and books - Merton

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Author: Lagercrantz, David
Author: Gakuya, Edward
Author: Hurst, Bridget
Author: Lloyd, Claudia
Author: Thomas&Friends
Author: Reed, Nigel

Reading and Books

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Reading groups

Do you love reading and discussing books? If so why not join one of our Reading Groups that meet on a regular basis in the borough's libraries.

We can also support your private reading group by providing you with book sets you can borrow. Find out more about our Reading Groups

Book Awards

We hold copies of all the books that make the nomination lists of all the popular book awards, such as the Orange Prize, Man Booker Prize and the Carnegie Prize. Find out more about the latest awards.

Famous Merton Authors

There are a number of famous writers with ties to Merton. You will find a few listed in the recommended authors section of this website. The list is by no means definitive, but a good place to start finding out about the literary figures that  have graced the borough. Search the library catalogue to find books by these authors.

Special Collections

Books on Prescription are available at all our libraries.

Polish Collections are held at Wimbledon, Morden and Mitcham libraries.

Community Language collections, such as Urdu, Tamil and Chinese are held throughout the borough.

Music Scores are held at Morden library.