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Bookstart programme - Merton


Bookstart Programme

Merton Library Service supports the Bookstart programme, which aims to provide free books for young children.

Bookstart is a national programme that encourages all parents and carers to enjoy books with children from as early an age as possible. We want every child in the UK to develop a lifelong love of books. Working through locally-based organisations, Bookstart gives the gift of free books to children at around eight months, 18 months and three years, along with guidance materials for parents and carers. Bookstart also aims to foster a love of books through a range of fun activities.

But Bookstart packs are only half the gift to children and their families. The other, more lasting gift is the message of enjoying books together. If you would like more information on Bookstart, or would like to know how your baby or toddler can receive their free pack, please contact your local library.