Author: Dangarembga, Tsitsi
Year [2004]
Author: Waters, Sarah, 1966-
Year 2008

Recommend Affinity

Recommendation of Affinity by Sarah Waters

Affinity is a chilling story of a well-to-do but recently disgraced upper class lady who makes charitable visits to a Victorian women's prison more...

Author: French, Nicci
Year 2008

Recommend Losing you

I picked up this book on holiday and could not put it down until I had finished it. It is a fictional crime thriller full of suspense that keeps the reader hooked until the last page. This is not, however, the usual crime novel full of guns, drugs and espionage. Instead, the plot is the stuff of every parent's nightmare.

The heroine is 40 year old Nina Landry who is planning to fly to Florida with her family. Instead, she spends her birthday racing against time to save the life of her missing 15 year old daughter. The action takes place in the space of one December day and the reader lives every moment of it with the increasingly desperate mother.

The outcome is never certain and the reader is kept guessing until the end. This is the first Nicci French book I have read, but it will definitely not be the last. I thoroughly recommend it.

Author: Luk?anenko, Serge?
Year 2008
Author: Luk?anenko, Serge?
Year 2008
Author: Lukyanenko, Sergei
Year 2008