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If you are interested in a title, you can save it to your own wish list.

To see items you have saved in your wish list click on the My Stuff tab below. 

We recommend you back up your wishlist.

Your Library Account Your Library Account


Logging into your account enables you to manage your interaction with the library.

You can check what items you have on loan and when they are due back, renew items, manage reservation requests and update your contact details. You can also view and respond to messages and view any fees you may have or payments that you have made.

Please be aware that placing a request may generate a charge which will appear on your account. Charges can only be cancelled in branch or by contacting the libraries by email or using Feedback. Charges are only cancelled in exceptional circumstances or where you place  a request in error and immediately delete it.

To view these pages either login by entering your Username and Password in the boxes to the right of the page or if already logged in use the links below to go to the relevant page.


My Loans View all the items that you have out on loan currently and renew them. Items can only be renewed five times unseen.


My Loans History

  View all the items that you have had out on loan
My Reservations View the status of any reservation that you have.
My Charges View you current account status and details of any recent payments you may have made.
My Profile View your details and confirm your contact details are up to date.
My Messages View any messages that we may have sent you.
My Stuff

View information about how you have interacted with Arena including your reviews and wishlist.


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How to log in


Reserving items

Managing your account

Notices Notices

Renewals, please remember to confirm your renewals. The system now shows you what can and cannot be renewed before the renewal goes through.

Older issues

Linked cards. If you linked a number of cards to your Arena account it will now only be associated with one. In a number of cases this has meant Adult logins may be associated with a Childs card. 

For those who were logging in with library card and password you must now type arena- before your library card number.  

If you still cannot login or you cannot renew your items please contact your local library or email libwteam@kingston.gov.uk

Please include your library card number in any correspondence

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