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Borrow, download and enjoy here. BorrowBox is home to the greatest international authors of the world's best eBooks. Your library in one app.

Your pin for Borrow Box is the last 4 digits of your Kingston Library card.

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Please take the time to read these notes before accessing BorrowBox for the first time.

  • To checkout anything from the collection you must first create an account online this can be done from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • If you are using an I-phone or Samsung smart phone you can download the borrow Box app required to view the collection of E-books via the App and Ggoogle Play store respectively.
  • Once you have downloaded the Borrow Box app launch it and you will be prompted to enter login information. Regardless of which Library in the borough is your local reply Kingston Library Uk when prompted along with your library card number using the last 4 digit as your password and not your pin number. 
  • If you are using a PC or Mac you can gain access by heading onto the selecting renew a library book and the clicking on the tab sign into your library account. Once there if you select the header eBooks followed Bolinda and click the Borrow box symbol illustrated below you will arrive at From here all you will need to do is sign in with your library card using the last 4 digits as your password.
  • If you are using Pc/Mac you will also need to download adobe digital to ensure that you can view the books you have downloaded once you've borrowed them.
  • Depending on which software you are using to view Bolinda's Borrow Box the layout may vary slightly but the principal remains the same. 
  • Search the Online collection for a title you would like to read. Once you have found a suitable eBook and clicked on it you will be provided with supplementary information about the book and author. You will then be given the option to either borrow the book or preview the book.
  • If you choose to preview the book you will be allowed to view the first 10% of the book as a teaser so to speak without it counting as an electronic loan
  • If you choose to borrow the title it then prompts you to download the eBook a sends you notification regarding how long you have the item to the email address you used to setup the account.
  • Much like on Arena whenever you log into Bolinda borrow box via the app or website it clearly displays your current loans reserves and borrow history.
  • With Borrow Box you do not need to return books after their loan spell has ended your downloaded copy will no longer work.
  • If you are not finished with the book you can renew it at any point within the 3 week loan.
  • We currently have 1000+ titles on our Borrow Box electronic collection. We have only purchased one copy of each title.
  • This means if someone is reading a title you are after you will be unable to download/borrow this book during their intial three week loan spell.
  • When you try to interact with an item already on loan it will notify when it will be ready to borrow again. It will also give you the option of reserving the item. 
  • Reserving the item will allow you to borrow the item at the end of the current borrowers 3 week loan regardless of whether they renew the item or not.
  • This allows the current borrower to renew their book if they need to whilst still making it available for the borrower who has been waiting for it.
  • If a large number of people are waiting for the same book our Librarians will be notified automatically by Bolinda.
  • There is also a feedback function on the app/website which people can be used to discuss titles they have read and notify us about future titles that they want.
  • The login information used can download a copy of the book on up to six devices 
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