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Acceptable Use Policy - Child Acceptable Use Policy - Child

Havering Libraries acceptable use policy and conditions of use for children under 16 years of age

 The computers that you use in the library are part of the People's Network.


  • ask your parent, carer or guardian if you can use the computers before you use them. 
  • carry your library card when using the computers otherwise you won't be able to use them.
  • tell a member of staff if you need help or advice.
  • tell a member of staff if you are worried about anything that appears on te computer you are using
  • tell a member of staff if you are worried about anyone else using our computers
  • Log off when you leave your computer.

You can

  • Use the internet for free. 
  • Pre-book your computer sessions up to 7 days in advance by visiting   A session lasts one hour.  
  • Save your documents on your personal USB flash drive or a CD as work saved to the computer's hard disk will be deleted when the PC is shut down. 


  • There is a charge for printing -see current fees and charges
  • Printing and saving of files should be completed in good time for you to vacate the terminal at the end of your booking period.
  • Please note that the PC's are automatically turned off 10 minutes before the library closes. Staff in each branch cannot over ride this facility so you will need to ensure any work is saved before this time.
  • You are advised to check on "print preview" to ensure you are printing exactly what you want as ALL printing will be charged for.

Web filtering

 We filter to prevent access to websites that may cause offence. If you believe a site has been wrongly blocked, you can leave details of the site with a member of staff and we will investigate and report back to you.


  •  Give out your name or address or arrange to meet strangers.
  • Send or display offensive messages or pictures
  • Use obscene language
  • Harass, insult or attack others (e.g. Cyber bullying)
  • Damage computers, systems or networks.
  • Break copyright laws. For example , download music
  • Pretend to be another person, provide false information or share your library card or pin number with other people.
  • Leave the library building before paying for any printing.
  • Show threatening or otherwise confrontational behaviour towards any member of staff or other library customers
  • Use the computers and the Internet for any activity which is a criminal offence.
  • Sit in groups around one computer, no more than two at a time and you must both have library cards.

 If you break the above rules we may withdraw the right for you to use the computers or inform the police.

 Food and Drink

With the exception of water no food or drink will be consumed on library premises.

Please note water will not be allowed when using our PC's

 Mobile Phones

 Customers will be expected to take mobile phone calls outside of the main library areas so that they do not disturb other customers


The Internet is a global electronic network available to all and Havering Libraries cannot control the information available.  Havering Libraries have taken care to ensure against improper use of its computers and that unsuitable material cannot be accessed on the Internet.  Care has also been taken to prevent computer viruses.

 Havering Libraries accepts no responsibility for the nature, accuracy, validity or legality of information available over the Internet.  Furthermore Havering Libraries is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, caused by, arising from, or in relation to the use of its computers or Internet services, including but not restricted to loss or damage arising from inaccurate or misleading information, financial transactions made over the Internet, computer viruses or computer malfunctions.