Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Use of Community Rooms in Public Libraries


Purpose of Community rooms in Enfield Libraries

  • To provide a space that can be booked in advance by small groups/organisations for meetings or activities.
  • To provide a space for the library itself to provide a range of activities for different age groups that cannot take place in the main body of the library.


Terms and Conditions

1. Community rooms are available for hire by contacting the library via, phone, letter, email or in person. The fee is per hour, payable seven days in advance, unless by prior arrangement. Prices listed on the fees and charges notice.

2. Bookings may require at least four weeks’ notice and are subject to availability.

3. The hirer of the room is responsible for advising the Customer Service Team Leader of the following:

-  date and time

-  number of expected participants

-  requirements of the meeting

-  requirements for kitchen equipment

-  refreshements being provided

All the above are subject to the approval of the Customer Service Team Leader.

4. Refunds are subject to the receipt being supplied and minimum 14 days' notice of cancellation being given.

5. The hirer shall be allowed the use of the library accommodation outside normal library hours subject to the approval of the Customer Service Team Leader and subject to a charge for stewarding. Furthermore, hirers will have to show proof of Public Liability Insurance to use the library outside of normal library hours.

6. The hirer shall not be allowed access to any other part of the library premises except with the previous consent of the Customer Service Team Leader, except the use of the public toilets.

7. The hirer shall leave the room in good condition and as found. A flip chart stand, kettle water supply and fridge are available. (Each library to amend as appropriate).

8. All users to comply with the Health and Safety guidelines and the Library Byelaws.

9. Smoking is not allowed within the building and the immediate environs.

10. It is a condition of hiring that the premises will not be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to the Betting and Gaming acts, or to the Licensing or any other Regulations currently in force.

11. No alterations or additions to the electrical or computer equipment at the premises may be made without previous consent. 

12. Any damage incurred by the hirer or their group (or any resulting injury caused by that damage) will be the hirer’s responsibility and must be paid in full by the hirer.

13. All items brought into the Community Room by the hirer or your group are the sole responsibility of the hirer.

14. If the group involves children under the age of 16 it is the responsibility of the hirer to provide adequate and proper supervision of those children.

15. The hirer shall agree to indemnify the Council from and against all loss, damage, costs claims, demands, expenses or charges which the council may sustain or incur in respect of any matter arising out of the use of the accommodation or the conditions relating thereto insofar as the same are not covered by a policy of insurance effected by the Council and to pay to the Council on demand all such sums as may be payable by reason of this indemnity.

16. The Library service is unable to provide a portering service or refreshments other than hot and cold water and the use of the kitchen equipment.

17. Enfield Libraries do not provide any refreshments other than hot and cold water.