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Why Create an Arena Account? Why Create an Arena Account?

Now you have logged in with your library card, you can create an Arena account. With an Arena account, you can review and rate items you have borrowed and you can start discussions about items. Having an Arena account gives you a more interactive experience with our online catalogue.

If you don't want to create an Arena account, you don't have to; just carry on to your account details using the 'My Account' tab at the top, or the links on the left of this page.To use the 'Wishlist' function, you must set up an account otherwise your items will not be retained when you log out.

Fill out the boxes below to create your account and link to your library card. You can then sign in with your library card and PIN or your Arena username and password.

You must login to see your personal information.
Do not have a username? Use form below if you want to create a Username