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Hire Charges Hire Charges

Current hire charges are:

Standard community rooms at hub libraries; Edmonton Green Library, Enfield Town Library, Ordnance Unity Centre and Palmers Green- £10.60 per hour

Standard community rooms at community libraries; Oakwood and Enfield Highway- £10.60 per hour 

The large community room at Edmonton Green Library- £21.20 per hour

Both the standard and large community rooms at Edmonton Green Library- £31.80 per hour

Private office space at Edmonton Green Library- £15.90 per hour


Additional facilities; kitchenettes, flipcharts, projectors and screens- price on request. 

Out of hours library hire- price on request. 

If you are interested in shared office space, or to become a long term partner in one of our libraries, please contact one of the four hubs (Enfield Town, Edmonton Green, Palmers Green or Ordanance Unity Centre) and ask for the available manager to discuss.


Please note that our current fees and charges are under review, including the hire of equipment.