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We have volunteer roles available for everything from Toddlertime to Lego clubs and iPal sessions and would love your help!

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Bexley Battle Gamers is a fantastic group that brings together fans of tabletop wargaming and collectable card games (CCGs). Our sessions are for anyone aged 11-19, they are held weekly and are free of charge. We also have a Facebook page.


Location Day Time
Crayford Library      Every Tuesday       6.15pm-8.45pm      


Feel free to come along, or contact for more information


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BBG Games Available

Games Bexley Battle Gamers are currently playing include:

Warhammer 40,000 Dungeons and Dragons
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Magic: The Gathering
Flames of War Munchkin


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Bexley Battle Gamers - Trip to Wayland Games Centre

Earlier this year, 7 members of the Bexley Battle Gamers club at Crayford Library chose to visit a local gaming centre using money awarded by the Jack Petchey Foundation to club member Michael (19) after giving up his own time to design and run a series of campaign games. This funding is awarded to recognise achievement in young people, and covered travel to the centre along with the purchase of several new games and accessories for the club, chosen by members. The trip was supported by staff from Bexley Libraries and Bexley Youth Service, and activites at the Wayland Games Centre included some large games of Warhammer 40k over some excellent terrain, and demonstration of the sci-fi skirmish game Infinity.

A few quotes from the young people who attended:

  • "A fun experience, really enjoyed trying new games."
  • "Much better than staying at home on a Saturday!"
  • "We got lots of cool stuff to bring back and play at the library club."


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