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Large print:Life sentence / Carl Williams:2019 Life sentence / Carl Williams
Author: Williams, Carl
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
Media class: Large print
Classification: 364.1523
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781528878531
In 2007 Carl Williams was convicted of 3 murders and sentenced to 35 years' jail. His role in the Melbourne Gangland Wars had made him one of the most infamous names in Australian criminal history, an unlikely gang boss with a baby face and friendly smile who was responsible for dozens of deaths on the streets of Melbourne. Williams began serving his sentence in a high security unit at Victoria's Barwon jail. In October 2008 he was given access to a personal computer. Confined to a tiny cell for most of the day, with limited contact to the outside world, the computer was a godsend. Carl began a daily correspondence with his friends and family, covering his life in jail, his thoughts and hopes for the future and his views and opinions on everyone from barristers and judges to fellow criminals and deadly rivals. Just 18 months after receiving his computer, Williams was bashed to death by a fellow prisoner.
Williams, Carl
Murderers, Australia, Correspondence
Prisoners, Australia, Correspondence
Large type books
CRI, Crime, ukslc
Pages 480 pages (large print)
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