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Hardback:Estocada / Graham Hurley:2018 Estocada / Graham Hurley
Author: Hurley, Graham
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Classification: AF
Category: Fiction
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781784977894
1937. As the Reich's most celebrated fighter ace, Dieter Merz's fame brings him into contact with the top echelons of the Nazi regime. All he wants to do is fly, but for how long can he deny the toxic nature of Hitler's rule? Scotsman and ex-marine Tam Moncrieff is recruited by a nameless intelligence agency in London to go to Germany and sound out Hitler's resolve. Does he really intend to invade Czechoslovakia? Do his generals support him? Can the march to war be stopped? As duty collides with conscience, fate will bring both men together. These are desperate times calling for desperate measures. To avoid war a killing strike is needed: la estocada. The question is, who is the matador, who is the bull?
Germany, History, 1933-1945, Fiction
Spy stories, lcsh
THR, Thriller, ukslc
Pages 479 pages
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Total no. of loans: 3
No. of reservations: 0
London : Head of Zeus, 2018


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