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Paperback:Her last promise /:2019 Her last promise /
Author: Hughes, Kathryn, 1964-
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Headline Review,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 1472265939 9781472265937 (pbk):
Tara Richards lost her mother as a girl. Raised by her grandmother, Tara still misses the beautiful, vibrant woman she adored. When Tara receives a letter from a London solicitor, its contents shake her to the core. Someone has left her a key to a mysterious safety deposit box. In the box lies an object that will change everything Tara thought she knew and lead her on a journey to deepest Spain in search of the answers that have haunted her for forty years. Violet Sky regrets her decision to travel abroad leaving her young daughter behind. As the sun sets, she touches her daughter's locket and reminds herself she is doing this for their future.
Pages 450 pages : illustrations (black and white) ; 20 cm.
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Audio book:Her last promise:2019.:Unabridged edition.
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