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DAISY:The girl in the photograph /:2015:Talking book ed. The girl in the photograph /
Author: Riordan, Kate.
Publication year: 2015
Language: English
Media class: DAISY
Edition: Talking book ed.
Category: Fiction
Publisher: ISIS Audio Books,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781445050553 (CDs): 1445050552 :
M4b file included for the convenience of iPod/iPhone users.
Complete and unabridged.
Read by Julia Barrie.
It's the summer of 1933 and Alice Eveleigh has arrived at Fiercombe Manor in disgrace. Hiding her shame in this isolated house concealed within a Gloucestershire valley in the care of housekeeper, Mrs Jelphs, Alice soon begins to sense that something isn't quite right within the walls of this beautiful manor - for one thing she is being watched. There are secrets at Fiercombe that those who remain there are determined to keep. Tragedy haunts the empty rooms and foreboding hangs heavy in the stifling heat. Traces of the previous occupant, Elizabeth Stanton, are everywhere, and Alice discovers Elizabeth's life eerily mirrors the path she herself is on. The past is set to repeat its sorrows, and with devastating consequences.
Pages 2 CDs (13 hr., 25 min.) : digital, MP3 file.
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DAISY:The girl in the photograph:2015.:Unabridged ed.
Large print:The girl in the photograph:2015.:Large print ed.
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