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Large print:Fortress /:2016:Large print ed. Fortress /
Author: McNab, Andy, 1959-
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Media class: Large print
Edition: Large print ed.
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Charnwood,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 1444826719 9781444826715 (hbk): 1444826719 :
Standard print edition originally published: London: Bantam Press, 2014.
Camp Bastion: SAS trooper Tom Buckingham finds himself in deep trouble for taking down a renegade Afghan soldier. Instead of being proclaimed a hero, he's made a scapegoat for the incident and drummed out of the regiment. On his return to Britain, disillusioned and embittered, Tom's unique services are quickly snapped up by charismatic entrepreneur, Vernon Rolt, a powerful billionaire with political ambitions, very few scruples and a questionable agenda. With riots on the country's streets, a government in disarray and a visit from the American president imminent, there has never been a better time to make a play for power. But, as Tom will soon discover, in the affairs of state, hidden forces are always at work and he is quickly drawn back into the covert world of intelligence and special forces which he knows so well.
Pages 464 pages (large print) ; 24 cm.
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