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Hardback:The girl who fell from the sky / Simon Mawer:2012 The girl who fell from the sky / Simon Mawer
Author: Mawer, Simon
Publication year: 2012
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Classification: AF
Category: Fiction
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781408703502 1408703505 9780748128808 0748128808
* The wonderful new novel from the Man Booker Prize shortlisted author of THE GLASS ROOM
If you only read one novel this year, make it this one ... The evocation of this diminished and frightening Paris is masterly; I can't think it could have been better done ... Mawer cranks up the tension; this is as good as Le Carre ... I have rarely read a novel that made fear so acute, almost tangible' -- Allan Massie The Scotsman I read late into the night and cried a little when I was done. Mawer's set pieces are so beautiful you want to read them two or three times over. He writes about fear and about bravery better than any contemporary novelist I know -- Rachel Cooke Observer Gripping and moving in equal measure, Marian's story is unforgettable Spectator Mawer can certainly do suspense, but it transcends the limits of the genre Sunday Times A stirring adventure with a potent reflection on the allure of desire, duty and danger Evening Standard A genuinely great contemporary writer ... such rewarding reading -- Simon Schama Financial Times.
Marian Sutro is an outsider: the daughter of a diplomat, brought up on the shores of Lake Geneva and in England. But when she is recruited from her desk job by SOE to go undercover in wartime France, it seems her hybrid status will be of service to a greater, more dangerous cause.
World War, 1939-1945, Secret service, France, Fiction
World War, 1939-1945, Fiction, Secret service, France
France, History, German occupation, 1940-1945, Fiction
Suspense fiction, lcsh
Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945).
THR, Thriller, eflch
Pages 302 p.
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Paperback:The girl who fell from the sky:2013
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London : Little, Brown, 2012


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