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Paperback:All that remains /:2010 All that remains /
Author: Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
Publication year: 2010
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Classification: 813.54
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Sphere,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 0751544485 9780751544480 (pbk.) :
Originally published: New York: Scribner; London: Little, Brown, 1992.
Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner, is faced with the disappearance of five young couples who are found dead months later in deeply wooded areas. Using the latest forensic techiques, she tracks the murderer. The third book in the Kay Scarpetta series, from No. 1 bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.'America's most chilling writer of crime fiction' The TimesA killer is stalking young lovers. Taking their lives . . . and leaving just one tantalising clue . . .When the bodies of young courting couples start turning up in remote woodlands areas, Dr Kay Scarpetta's task as Chief Medical Examiner is made more difficult by the effects of the elements. Eight times she must write that the cause of death is undetermined.But when the latest girl goes missing turns out to be the daughter of one of the most powerful women in America, Kay finds herself prey to political pressure and press harassment. As she starts to investigate, she finds that vital evidence is being withheld from her - or ev
Pages 404 p. ; 20 cm.
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