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Hardback:The Patterdale plot /:2020:First edition. The Patterdale plot /
Author: Tope, Rebecca.
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Edition: First edition.
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Allison & Busby Limited,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 0749025808 9780749025809 (hbk):
Simmy Brown had hoped that her autumn would be less frantic than usual to give her a chance to enjoy her pregnancy, her upcoming nuptials and some time looking for a new house in the Patterdale area of the Lake District. But it is not to be. When one of the lodgers at her parents' bed & breakfast dies in her arms after seemingly being poisoned, she becomes embroiled in a complex investigation, headed up by her friend D.I. Moxon. It is clear the victim had some connection to a controversial new building project near Patterdale, and Simmy's ideas of a quiet run up to Christmas are cruelly dashed.
Pages 317 pages : map (black and white) ; 23 cm.
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Large print:The Patterdale plot:2021.
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