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Hardback:The burial circle /:2020 The burial circle /
Author: Ellis, Kate, 1953-
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Piatkus,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 0349418306 9780349418308 (hbk):
On a stormy night in December, a tree is blown down on an isolated Devon farm. And when the fallen tree is dragged away a rucksack is found caught amongst the roots - and next to it is a human skeleton. The discovery of the body and the rucksack revives memories for DI Wesley Peterson. A young hitchhiker who went missing twelve years ago was last seen carrying a similar backpack. Suddenly a half-forgotten cold case has turned into a murder investigation. Meanwhile, in the nearby village of Petherham, a famous TV psychic is found dead in suspicious circumstances whilst staying at a local guesthouse. Wesley's friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, is studying Petherham's ancient mill and uncovering the village's sinister history. Could the string of mysterious deaths in Petherham over a hundred years ago be connected to the recent killings?
Pages 378 pages ; 22 cm.
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DAISY:The burial circle:2020.
Large print:The burial circle:2020.
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Disappointing. I found this extremely silly, and very complicated. Not a pleasure to read. Sorry.
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