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Paperback:Born to be Wilde /:2018 Born to be Wilde /
Author: James, Eloisa.
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Piatkus,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 0349417725 9780349417721 (pbk):
Originally published: New York: Avon Books.
For beautiful, witty Lavinia Gray, there's only one thing worse than having to ask the appalling Parth Sterling to marry her: being turned down by him. Now the richest bachelor in England, Parth is not about to marry a woman as reckless and fashion-obsessed as Lavinia; he's chosen a far more suitable bride. But when he learns of Lavinia's desperate circumstances, he offers to find her a husband. Even better, he'll find her a prince. As usual, there's no problem Parth can't fix. But the more time he spends with the beguiling Lavinia, the more he wonders: why does the woman who's completely wrong feel so right in his arms?
Pages 369 pages ; 20 cm.
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