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Paperback:Elizabeth is missing /:2015 Elizabeth is missing /
Author: Healey, Emma, 1985-
Publication year: 2015
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Books,
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 0241968186 9780241968185 (pbk): 0241968186 :
Originally published: London: Viking, 2014.
'Elizabeth is missing', reads the note in Maud's pocket in her own handwriting. Lately, Maud's been getting forgetful. She keeps buying peach slices when she has a cupboard full, forgets to drink the cups of tea she's made and writes notes to remind herself of things. But Maud is determined to discover what has happened to her friend, Elizabeth, and what it has to do with the unsolved disappearance of her sister Sukey, years back, just after the war.
Pages 274 pages ; 20 cm.
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Other formats
Audio book:Elizabeth is missing:2014.:Unabridged ed.
Hardback:Elizabeth is missing:2014.
Large print:Elizabeth is missing:2015.:Large print ed.
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Recommended. An interesting view of how Alzheimer's affects short term memory and family relationships. Funny and sad at the same time.
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