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DVD:Napoleon / directed by Abel Gance:2016 Napoleon / directed by Abel Gance
Author: Gance, Abel
Author: Davis, Carl
Author: Brownlow, Kevin
Author: Dieudonne, Albert
Author: Artaud, Albert
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Media class: DVD
Classification: RB DVD COLLECTIO
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: BX01639874
Special features include new 2K restoration ; "The charm of dynamite" (Kevin Brownlow, 1968, 51 mins.) BBC documentary on Gance's silent films narrated by Lindsay Anderson ; Composing Napoleon - an interview with Carl Davis (2016, 45 mins) ; Feature-length commentary by Paul Cuff ; Napeleon digital restoration featurette (2016, 5 mins.) ; stills and special collections gallery ; alternate single-screen ending ; individual triptych panel presentations.
Originally released as a motion picture in 1927.
Restoration by Kevin Brownlow ; photography, Julius Kruger, Leonce-Henry Burel, Jean-Paul Munviller.
Performed by: Albert Dieudonne, Antonin Artaud, Gina Manes, Vladimir Roudenko.
Presents the rise of Napoleon I as a response to the conditions following the Revolution of 1789. Shows his embodiment of the ideals of the Revolution and ends with him on the verge of spreading those ideals throughout Europe - by means of war
Silent with English subtitles
Napoleaon, Emperor of the French 1769-1821
Pages 332 minutes
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London : British Film Institute, 2016


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