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Paperback:Zami : a new spelling of my name / Audre Lord:2018 Zami : a new spelling of my name / Audre Lord
Author: Lorde, Audre
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Classification: 811.54
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780241351086
A little black girl opens her eyes in 1930s Harlem. Around her, a heady swirl of passers-by, car horns, kerosene lamps, the stock market falling, fried bananas, tales of her parents' native Grenada. She trudges to public school along snowy sidewalks, and finds she is tongue-tied, legally blind, left behind by her older sisters. On she stumbles through teenage hardships - suicide, abortion, hunger, a Christmas spent alone - until she emerges into happiness: an oasis of friendship in Washington Heights, an affair in a dirty factory in Connecticut, and, finally, a journey down to the heat of Mexico, discovering sex, tenderness, and suppers of hot tamales and cold milk. This is Audre Lorde's story. It is a rapturous, life-affirming tale of independence, love, work, strength, sexuality and change, rich with poetry and fierce emotional power.
Lorde, Audre
African American women poets, 20th century, Biography
African American lesbians, Biography
BIO, Biography, ukslc
GLN, Gay/Lesbian Interest, ukslc
Pages 256 pages
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London : Penguin Classics, 2018


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