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Paperback:How to dress dancers / Mary Kent Harrison:1998 How to dress dancers / Mary Kent Harrison
Author: Harrison, Mary Kent
Publication year: 1998
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Classification: 391.00288
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781852730666
Origially published: Tunbridge Wells: Midas Books, 1975.
Foreword -- Leotard -- Bodices -- Sleeves, pantaloons etc -- Skirts -- Skirt mounted on a Basque -- Circular skirt -- Petticoat for national and character costume -- Aprons -- Decorations -- Head-dresses -- Properties -- The classical tutu -- The Romantic tutu -- Men's classical costume -- Greek dance Costumes -- Group work costumes -- Packing and travelling with costumes -- Practice tights (Knitted) -- Practice all in one leotard tights (Knitted) -- Cross-over (Knitted) -- Child's cross over -- Leg warmers (Knitted) -- Simple practice tunic -- Greek practice tunic.
Costumes for dancers have exacting requirements. They have to look the part but let the dancers move freely. They need to be strong enough to cope with the wear and tear of performances and the stresses that dance can place on the seems and darts, and yet be light enougth to flow well and to allow the dancer to move and breathe. This well illustrated book shows how to start making costumes for dancers. The author looks at different styles, cuts and materials that can be used, and shows how costume sketches can be translated into actual garments to suit the dancer's needs.
Dance costume
Costume design
Pages 143 pages
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London : Dance Books, 1998


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