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Local history articles

Local history articles

Over the years staff and volunteers at the Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre have produced a varied collection of articles. These are on the local area, its history and buildings and its residents.

There are articles on

  • Bexley’s towns
  • Local businesses and industries such as hop-picking, silk printing and machine gun manufacture
  • Former country estates including the Danson Estate and Hall Place
  • Historic buildings from the East Wickham hutments to Sidcup Manor House
  • History of the first Cottage Hospitals
  • Notable former residents
  • History of the cinemas in the area
  • Notes on the history of some of the local schools
  • The history of transport in Bexley which cover rivers, roads, trams and railways

We also have a selection of material produced alongside the Heritage Lottery Fund. This includes Belvedere Beach, Bexley and the First World War and Erith Yacht Club.

If you wish to receive a copy of any of these articles listed below please either visit the Centre or email and we will send you a copy.

Local history articles

The following Local History Articles are now available online:

History of the area and its towns

  • Barnehurst
  • Bexley area in the Domesday Book
  • Bexleyheath
  • Blackfen
  • Brief history of Bexley
  • Crayford
  • Early history of Bexleyheath
  • Ecclesiastical history of Bexley
  • Erith
  • Erith and its prehistory
  • Falconwood
  • Mayors of Bexley Borough Council
  • Memories of a Childhood in Slade Green 1969-1979
  • North Cray
  • Northumberland Heath
  • Origins of street and place names in Bexley
  • Population growth since 1801
  • Prehistoric Crayford
  • Prehistory in the Belvedere region
  • Prehistory of Bexley
  • Prehistory of the North Cray area
  • Sidcup
  • Thamesmead
  • Victorian chronology
  • Victorian era in Bexley

Business and industry

  • Brick making in Bexley
  • Early industry in Bexley
  • Erith Ballast Wharf
  • Four generations of water flour millers in N.W. Kent
  • Historical references to Erith Market
  • Hop picking in Bexley
  • Hurst Place and Hurst Farm Bexley
  • Silk printing in Crayford
  • Vickers of Crayford

Country estates

  • Belvedere estate
  • Blendon
  • Danson House
  • Foots Cray Place
  • Frognal
  • Hollies Halfway Street
  • John Boyd's Danson Estate
  • Lamorbey
  • Martens Grove and Oakwood
  • Oak House Bexleyheath
  • Wheatley's housekeeper's accounts

Historic buildings

  • Baugh House Foots Cray
  • Crook Log Public House
  • Crossness
  • East Wickham hutments
  • Halcot
  • Hall Place
  • Hall Place Gardens before 1945
  • High Street House and John Thorpe
  • Hogs Hole Cottages
  • Lesnes Abbey
  • May Place Crayford
  • Nos. 57-59 High Street, Bexley
  • Oakwood in Barnehurst
  • Penhill at Sidcup
  • Poor House at Bexley
  • Royal Oak Hotel Bexleyheath
  • Sidcup Manor House
  • Sidcup Place
  • Site of Erith Police Station
  • West Heath House, No.115 Woolwich Road, Erith


  • Bexley Cottage Hospital
  • Erith Cottage or District Hospital
  • Hainault Maternity Hospital
  • Queen Mary's Hospital
  • Sidcup Cottage Hospital


  • Cinemas in Bexley
  • Erith Travelling Library
  • Recreation on the Thames

School histories

  • Barnes Cray Primary School
  • Belvedere Junior and Infant Schools
  • Brampton College formerly Hope Lodge School
  • Brampton Primary School
  • Burnt Oak Junior School
  • Colyers Primary School
  • Cottingham College and University School
  • Eastcote Primary School
  • Hurst Primary School
  • Lamorbey Church of England Primary School
  • Lessness Heath Primary School
  • Longlands Primary School
  • Normandy Primary School
  • Northend Primary School
  • Pelham Primary School
  • Private schools in Bexley
  • Royal Park Primary School
  • Sherwood Park Primary School
  • Slade Green Junior and Infant Schools
  • Upton Primary School
  • Westwood College
  • Woodside School


  • Calverts and Bexley
  • George Pepple - Black and Asian People in Victorian Bexley
  • Heath family of Erith and Crayford
  • Hiram Maxim and Edward Butler
  • John Dann of Bexley
  • Kingeast T. Seng - Black and Asian People in Victorian Bexley
  • Normandy Farm and the Miles Family
  • Samuel Strickland and his windmills
  • Sir William Anderson
  • Su Lois - Black and Asian People in Victorian Bexley
  • Villier Pereira - Black and Asian People in Victorian Bexley
  • William Ashby, Millwright
  • William Morris and the Red House


  • Bexley tramways
  • Bexleyheath railway
  • Dartford Loop railway
  • Erith tramways
  • History of Bexley's roads
  • North Kent railway
  • River transport

Heritage Lottery Fund material (includes banners and interpretation panels)

Belvedere Park

  • Belvedere Estate Interpretation-panel
  • Belvedere Beach a brief history of a local park
  • Belvedere Beach exhibition

Bexley remembers WW1

  • Bexley Remembers WW1 Information Leaflet
  • Bexley Borough WW1 Roll of Honour
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Lawrence Jones
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Merton Court Prep School stained glass
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Not forgotten
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Queens Hospital Sidcup
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 School days
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Serving King and Country
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 St Paulinus School stained glass
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Thomas Highgate
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Voluntary hospitals
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Volunteers research
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Volunteers work
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Women war and work
  • Bexley Remembers 1914 1918 Your country needs you
  • Bexley’s Gallipoli Roll of Honour
  • Bexley’s Great War 1914 1918 a guide to sources
  • Bexley’s Somme Roll of Honour
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories Brothers in Arms and From Near and Far
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories Officers and gentlemen and Typical Tommys
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories The Battle
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories The bitter end Autumn 1916
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories The first day 1 July 1916
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories The home front in pictures
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories The home front what the papers said
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories The young and the old
  • Bexley’s Somme Stories Victor Sharman a Somme survivor’s story
  • Gallipoli Bexley Remembers The Scholar the Vicar and the Doctor

Bexleyheath Broadway Changing Times project

  • Broadway Bexleyheath Changing Times education activities
  • Broadway Bexleyheath Changing Times education booklet
  • Broadway Bexleyheath Heritage Trail

Crayford A Magnificent Town and its Flying Machines

  • Crayford A Magnificent Town and its Flying Machines

Erith Yacht Club album

  • Erith Yacht Club album parts 1-5

Bartram The Blitz and Beyond

  • Bartram The Blitz and Beyond Activities
  • Bartram The Blitz and Beyond Story

Erith evacuation

  • Erith evacuation exhibition banners
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