Family and local history collections

The Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre holds a variety of sources. Useful resources for local and family historians and people researching the history of a building or house:

  • our archives date from the 14th century and relate to every town, village and parish in Bexley
  • is freely available at Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre and all Bexley Libraries and now includes millions of records from the Bexley area
  • local council building plans dating from c1890 up until the 1940s
  • the archives also include:
    • local authority records and council minutes
    • business records
    • records of private estates
    • personal papers
    • records of local clubs and societies
    • archives concerning the First and Second World Wars
  • Ordnance Survey maps from the 1860s
  • an extensive collection of family and local history books
  • our annual accessions are viewable on The National Archives website

You can carry out an advanced search of the library catalogue and look for our books, pamphlets and search the newspaper index. For the Select Branch option select Bexley Local Studies & Archive Centre.

View our online searchable catalogue at to access over 40,000 archival holdings of the London Borough of Bexley. 

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