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Computers, Wi-Fi and Printing

Computers, Wi-Fi and printing

All our libraries have computers with internet access and Wi-Fi available for free for all library members. You will need your library card and PIN.

You can book a computer when you arrive at the library or in advance by calling 020 8303 7777.

If you are using our library Wi-Fi you can make a booking online through our Netloan service here

If you are using your own mobile or Wi-Fi network you can make a booking online through our Netloan service here

Computers and Wi-Fi are switched off 15 minutes before the library closes.

Our computers run on Windows 10 and have the following software available:

  • Internet access via Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer
  • Webmail
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Pro, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF reader
  • Ancestry Library Edition
  • Image editing and 3D modelling software including PrusaSlicer, Inkscape, Blender, GIMP and Paint3D

computers at central library, bexleyheath

Every branch has at least one fast, high resolution document scanner. Please speak to a member of staff if you would like to book onto a PC with a scanner.

In order to comply with security and data regulations, all documents saved to PCs in libraries will be deleted after a session has finished. All files and documents you wish to keep should be saved to a USB flash drive or online service before logging off.

Before using the internet or Wi-Fi in our libraries you must accept our Acceptable use policy.


To access our Wi-Fi

  • Connect to our Library Plus Network.
  • Open a browser and enter your library card number and PIN in the login page.


Printing facilities are available at all Bexley libraries, where you can print in black and white or colour. You can print in A4 at all our libraries and in A3 at most of our libraries.

  • Black and white A4 - £0.20 per side
  • Black and white A3 - £0.30 per side
  • Colour A4 - £0.75 per side
  • Colour A3 - £1.40 per side

Customers using their own tablets, smartphones and devices can also use the printing facilities.

If you are using our Library Wi-Fi go to our Netloan printing service here

If you are using your own mobile network go to our Netloan printing service here


Need some help with 'Digital'?

bexley digital champion network logo

If you require assistance using a computer or getting online then why not ask a Digital Champion to help you?
Digital Champions are Library Volunteers who can show you how to:

  • Print documents
  • Manage Emails
  • Navigate Websites
  • Connect to the Wifi
  • Complete Online forms such as E consult/Freedom Passes/Blue Badge forms
  • Use the Council Website
  • Access Information

They are friendly, patient and want to help you so ask a Staff member next time you visit your local branch or call 0208 303 7777 and ask to be put through to your branch to book an appointment with a Digital Champion.


Useful web links

Learn My Way – Online learning made easy.

Digital Unite – Over 400 how-to guides covering a range of digital topics.

AbilityNet – Help with making devices easier to use.

Thinkuknow – Find out how to stay safe online. - How to spot a scam – Videos and handy tips on how to spot a scam.

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