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Coding clubs

Bexley Libraries Coding Clubs

What are Coding Clubs?

Coding Clubs are volunteer led sessions where a fun step by step project is used to introduce coding concepts to children. The clubs are a great way to motivate and encourage children to think creatively and procedurally, as they learn about computing and create things.


Who is Coding Club for?

The projects we are currently using are designed for 9-13-year-old beginners. Children need careful mouse skills and to be able to focus and take themselves through the step by step project at their own speed.

As these are volunteer led sessions the child’s accompanying parent/guardian may be invited to sit with them to help them work through the steps if they have issues with any of these areas.


What happens in Coding Club?

Coding clubs have a six-week programme for each module, with each weekly session lasting for an hour.

Over a 6-week module, children create various games and programs. Each one hour project builds on the concepts introduced in earlier weeks. Clubs can cover different topics depending on the volunteers available and two modules may be run back to back.

Scratch is a graphical program language which provides a fun way of combining blocks of code See

Python is a widely used text based, object-oriented general-purpose coding language.

HTML & CSS are languages for describing, structuring and formatting web pages

We use browser-based coding platforms so projects can be continued at home or in the library. We do ask that the children don’t jump ahead to the next project but they can carry on customising the projects already covered in the club.


Can a child start Module 2 without doing Module 1 Coding Club?

The projects we use build on each other and refer back to previous projects to find solutions, so it is best if children work through them from the beginning. If they complete Module 1 of a subject and Module 2 isn’t immediately available, they can attend a Module 2 in the subject at a different branch.


Can a child use a Scratch Account set up for them at School?

Please ask your child’s school before using such accounts. We would like parents/guardians to be able to reset an account if there are any issues so if this is not possible with your school accounts then we would ask they create them a new account.


Where can I join a Coding Club?

We will advertise when Coding Clubs restart in libraries.

How do I find out more about volunteering to run a Coding Club?

Volunteer role descriptions and more details about volunteering with Bexley Libraries can be found at

Training will be provided to volunteers.


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