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Book of the Year

Bexley book of the year

Bexley Book of the Year

Every year for many years, Bexley Libraries have invited their readers to nominate and vote for their BEXLEY BOOK OF THE YEAR.

Suggestions and nominations are made by the public, always covering a wide range of genres and writers; from these, a shortlist of six of the best Is drawn up, and then the ballot begins…

The shortlisted books are promoted on social media and to our various reading groups, and the lists inevitably provokes a lively debate. 

Winning authors are always delighted to be told of their success, and they invariably say how delighted they are at being chosen by the library public – real readers, not just judges!

In the past few years, the winning book has been announced at the start of our Book Buzz Festival, a great way to launch the event. 

Recent winners have included Gail Honeyman, John Boyne, and – last year’s winner – Pat Barker, with her novel The Silence of the Girls.


Pat contacted us, telling us how much the award has meant to her:

“Hello, I'm delighted that The Silence of the Girls has been chosen as Bexley Book of the Year.

Growing up in a home with very few books as I did, my local public library was of enormous importance to me. In fact, having access to those books is probably what made me a writer.

So, it's particularly nice to know my book was chosen by library users and readers.

Thank you all so much. I'm writing my next book at the moment - a sequel to The Silence of the Girls - and this award has cheered me on my way!”

We usually start nominations for the BEXLEY BOOK OF THE YEAR in the autumn, so look out for more details then. 


Bexley Book of the Year 2019 Shortlist

"The Silence of the Girls"
by Pat Barker

A contemporary retelling of the Trojan Wars from the women's perspective. A truly fabulous book.

"Identity Crisis"
by Ben Elton

Intelligent, funny and very, very scary.

"The Beekeeper of Aleppo"
by Christy Lefteri

A moving, beautifully written story filled with loss, heartache, survival and hope.

by Lara Maiklem

A wonderful book full of fascinating details and insights. Highly recommended.

by Madeline Miller

Well written and creative fantasy fiction involving Circe, the ancient witch.

by Michelle Paver

A Gothic horror from a brilliant writer. Unsettling but hugely imaginative.

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