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Book of the Year

What’s been your Best Book of the year?

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BOOK OF THE YEAR ~ "Six of the Best" ~ your chance to choose!

Voting is now open online for you to choose our Bexley BOOK OF THE YEAR
Thank you for your great suggestions, reviews & recommendations…
From all your nominations and recommendations, we’ve selected a shortlist of six: now it’s your turn to pick a winner!

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1) The power by Naomi Alderman
“A big, page-turning, thought-provoking thriller”

The Power

2) How to stop time by Matt Haig
“A Tear-jerking, time-hopping romance"

How to stop time

3) Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman
“Funny, touching and unpredictable”

Eleanor Olipahnt

4) The secret horses of Briar Hill by Megan Shepherd
“A beautifully written story of bravery and resilience with a terrific sense of time and place”

Secret Horses

5) My absolute darling by Gabriel Tallent
“An incandescent novel with an extraordinary, unforgettable heroine”

My Absolute Darling

6) The hidden life of trees: discoveries from a secret world by Peter Wohlleben
"Charming, provocative, fascinating”

Hidden Trees


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