Book links

With so many great websites for book lovers, we’ve selected a few which you might find useful. From choosing what to read next, for book news and reviews, reading group recommendations and up to date information about literary awards and prizes.

General sites

  • Fantastic Fiction
    Biographies of hundreds of popular authors together with listings of all their books.
  • Love Reading
    A bookselling site, but with general book information on genres, awards, reviews and promotions.
  • Whichbook
    A "novel" way to choose your books.

Sites for reading groups

Social networking sites for readers

  • Good Reads
    For book lovers to read and post reviews. Look at what others have read, join the discussions and create your own bookshelves.
  • Library Thing
    An online service to help you catalogue your books. It connects you to people who read what you do and gives suggestions for what to read next.


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