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Bexley Literary Festival

Book Buzz - Bexley’s very first Literary Festival – is now over!

We’ve had a fantastic two weeks of events and activities around the borough, with something for everyone - adults, children, teens, families and school groups.

We’ve met many popular and bestselling authors, including Ben Aaronovitch, Stephen Booth, Rosie Goodwin, Mike Gayle, Alison Weir and Simon Brett and taken part in entertaining and informative workshops on creative writing, poetry, screenplays, how to get published and much more.

Children were kept well entertained over half term too, with storytellers, theatre performances for children, comic arts workshops, dance and drama workshops, a poetry spin, “Where’s Wally?” hunts and Harry Potter activities plus visits from The Gruffalo, Elmer and Peter Rabbit too.

It’s been a really busy and fun fortnight for us….. and now we would like you to tell us what you thought of the festival too. Just click here to give us your feedback on the festival as a whole.

Book Buzz Poems & Short Stories

During the Bexley Book Buzz, we invited you all to send us some of your own poems & short stories…

Thank you, everyone!


Here’s a small selection of your varied verse!

Poem 1-Bexley Ned
Poem 2-I gaze out at a tie-dye sky
Poem 3-Library
Poem 4-Once Knowledgeless
Poem 5-Peripheral
Poem 6-The Bexley Dump
Poem 7-The Fox
Poem 8-The Little House
Poem 9-Transported
Poem 10-Winter in Bexley


Here’s a selection of your surprising short stories!

Story 1-Bernard's Mum
Story 2-Bexley's Smorgasbord
Story 3-Blood Count
Story 4-Encounter
Story 5-The Ginger Cat
Story 6-The Great Plan for Bexley
Story 7-The Magic Picture
Story 8-The T-Rex Who Ate Houses
Story 9-The Tale of the Forest
Story 10-This House Is Too Easy To Love

Feedback on Book Buzz Festival events

If you have attended any of the Book Buzz Festival events but forgot to fill in a feedback form at the end of the event, it isn’t too late to tell us what you thought.

For events for adults, just click here, complete the form and email it to

For events for children, just click here, complete the form and email it to


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