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Bag Books

Bag Books

Bag Books are multi-sensory books that offer accessible stories for those who cannot benefit from mainstream books.They are told interactively, through actions and emotions rather than words and pictures, so they are perfect for anyone with severe learning difficulties (SLD), profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and those on the autistic spectrum.

They also work well with children who have language delay and younger mainstream children with visual impairment. Small selections of Bag Books are available to borrow from the following libraries: Central (Bexleyheath), Crayford, Erith, Sidcup, Thamesmead and Welling. Due to their size and format they are stored away from public view. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to see or borrow one.

Please don’t worry if any of the parts of a box or its contents become lost or damaged. It is the nature of Bag Books to be handled and used and we understand that, over time, this will involve wear and tear. It would help us greatly if you could point out any lost or damaged parts on return.

You can check the availability of our Bag Books on the library catalogue.

Titles available for loan include the following:

Desmond remains in bed oblivious to the alarm and mum’s increasing annoyance. However, a small accident involving dad’s cold tea has the desired effect!

The Haircut
Chris goes to his regular hairdresser but a new trainee cuts his hair. When he looks in the mirror the result is not quite what he was expecting!

The Uninvited Guests
Mum leaves the house, giving strict instructions not to make a mess but friends call in and things go from bad to worse.

The Match
Trevor is invited by his friend to attend the Big Match but he cannot find his football scarf. During the search several other items are uncovered until finally the scarf is discovered and they reach the pitch just in time for the first goal.

Gran’s Visit
A typical scene in any family home, Gran sends a letter to tell of her impending visit and the story depicts the speedy clean-up of the house and the anxiety that it will not be ready in time!

Charmaine’s Bonfire Adventure
Charmaine and Winston arrive at the community bonfire and start to help by putting foil on the potatoes and guarding the sausages. However, a passing dog has his own idea about the sausages.

The Party
Gita arrives home from school both excited and impatient about the party that evening and proceeds to irritate the whole family until the dancing begins!

C J the Library Cat
As the local toy shop closes down CJ is given a new home in the local library.

The Easter Surprise
Georgia and Ben stay at their cousin’s house for the Easter Holidays but a mystery occurs during the Easter egg hunt.

The School Trip
The school mini bus drops the class to the country station for a train trip into London.

A bear and moose are frightened by a man in a tent. Is he a hunter?

Yolande’s swim
Out fishing with her Dad before school Yolande goes for a swim but has a shock when a dark shadow swims over her. What could the dark shadow be?

The Big Story
As a tornado hits, the whereabouts of a family cat causes concern. Luckily she is found safe with new kittens and reporters head to the scene ready for the story to make headline news.

The Golden Book
A rhyming story about a visit to a library. There is such a choice of titles and it's easy to get distracted but the golden book on the returns trolley catches the eye.

What am I?
Tallulah is at the zoo, trying to work out what sort of animal she is, before her Mum shows her.

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