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1001 Books

1001 Great books


Bexley Libraries have recently put together a special collection of books.  Called `1001 Great Books`, it's a unique selection of classic and contemporary titles.

Here you can find a whole range of reading ideas: it includes classic fiction from authors such as Charles Dickens or the Brontes…
Classic non-fiction books are there, too, from Machiavelli's `The Prince` to Nick Hornby's `Fever Pitch`; there's poetry, prose, world literature, and biographies, too.

You can also find a great selection of children's classics (from `Winnie the Pooh` to `The Swiss Family Robinson`), and modern classics (from `Wolf Hall` to `Call the Midwife`)…
There's classic crime fiction, fantasy fiction, contemporary fiction, foreign fiction and even a bit of funny fiction…

Call in at any Bexley Library, browse and borrow – there'll be a great many books to choose from – "Because not all great minds read alike!"…

To see a full list of our 1001 selection, click here: 1001 Great Books -  Book List
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