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Latest Children Books
Author: Sarcone, Gianni A.
Author: Waeber, Marie J.
Note: Seeing is most definitely not believing! This book contains various visual tricks, deceptive images and optical illusions, all in a cutting-edge style that is instantly engaging.
Author: Woodward, Kay
Note: Includes app access Meow! It's time to meet your furry new friend! The pages of 'My Cutest Kitten' are bursting with the most adorable photos imaginable, plus all the info you need to know about keeping a new cat in tip-top condition. Then download the free app, point your phone or tablet's camera at the pages of the book and say hello to your new Augmented Reality kitten! You can name your virtual kitty, play with it, and even choose the latest accessories for it. Keep it healthy and happy with toys to play with, its favourite food to eat, and capture photos of your most precious moments - ready to take pride of place in the 'My Cutest Kitten' Hall of Fame.
Author: Atkinson, Stuart
Author: Kearney, Brendan, (Illustrator)
Note: If you look up at the sky on a dark night, what do you see? There's a whole universe staring back at you. In the company of Felicity the cat discover the phases of the moon, the constellations and how to spot the Northern Lights and the Milky Way. This beautiful, fun book will introduce you to the beauty of the night sky and show you the stars like you've never seen them before.
Author: Brasseur, Philippe
Author: Berthemetv, Virginie
Note: Translated from the French Develop your talents by drawing inspiration from the greatest of geniuses. In a world that changes quickly, the future belongs to those who have an open, flexible mind: like John Lennon, they will imagine the impossible; like Walt Disney, they will work as a team; and like Copernicus, they will be able to think backwards! If you're worried you might not be up to the job, have no fear! In this book, 27 geniuses from different eras and disciplines - artists, scientists, thinkers or writers - entrust you with their 'creative methods'. Packed with facts, games and activity ideas to boost your intelligence, with this book to guide you, you can become absolutely awesome at whatever you put your mind to.
Author: Brett, Anna
Note: Match up 48 mazes to complete one giant journey through time! Join George and his little dog Milly as you whizz through history with a book so interactive it's almost a real-life time-travelling trip! This volume takes you through a series of awesome eras and events, such as famous battles, key inventions and magnificent civilisations. Not only do you have to navigate your way through the individual mazes, but you also need to find the correct route through history by matching the historical objects on each maze. Discover incredible facts and stats about each historical event and look for four things to spot in each maze.
Author: Bright, Michael
Note: Originally published: 2016 Where does the food that reaches our plates, stocks our fridges and fills the supermarkets come from? Food is one of the most important resources to man, and over the years, methods of growing, using and delivering food have changed. Find out about the history of food production and the present day methods of farming. Learn about food delivery and the processes that are used to preserve and store food to make it last longer, then food preparation and food safety. Finally, we consider food as a global resource and the impact of global food consumption around the world.
Author: Riley, Peter D.
Note: Originally published: 2015 This volume looks at what lifecycles are and discovers the many different lifecycles that exist in nature, from mammals and birds to plants, insects and amphibians. Animal behaviour and the work of the most famous naturalists, from Karl von Frisch to David Attenborough, are also explored.
Author: Gilbert, Yvonne
Note: Discover the tales which inspired famous ballets in this selection of twelve stories, retold especially for readers today.
Author: Howell, Izzi
Note: Originally published: 2017 'Geographics' is an engaging series with colourful infographics and photos used to illustrate universal geography topics such as volcanoes, rivers and earthquakes. It covers the geography curriculum at KS2 and is suitable for children aged 8 and up.
Author: Brundle, Harriet
Note: "Book band level: Brown Originally published: 2017 Awe-inspiring facts presented in an informative and visually engaging infographic style. This title discusses the diversity of life on our planet and uses infographics to explore how plants and animals have made their homes in every habitat that the world has to offer.
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